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This was a great demo, only wish there was a full game.

hi. i'm korean youtuber..How can I download it?
my youtube link this :

Really wanna see this game come out at some point.

I liked this game overall, but I think that it's a bit too long as a demo since it's a bit repetitive. I loved the cave section, but the boss fight it was too long for my tastes.

It feels alot like RE4 which is great.

I hope you will be able to make the game!

Good luck.

Sorry about the super late reply. And thanks! We're glad you enjoyed it. The feedback is definitely helpful as we move forward.

Don't worry about it. I'm glad you're still moving forward!

Loved the feel of the environment and looks stunning, the idea sounds different and something i would personally try and the demo shows the game well. 

Best way is to try it out. I also made a short let's play on it, hope it does it just.

PS: Thanx for the Demo ^_^ (great hands on experience)

Sweet thanks!

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Did a three part series on the demo, absolutely love it. Visuals are gorgeous, mechanics are solid, responsive enough to always react but weighty enough to punish mistakes, and the whole world is dripping in chilling atmosphere. I want to know so much more about this world! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the full version!

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the demo :)

Doesn not appear to install correctly?

Is an error coming up? Does it make it to the launch window? I'll see there's anything I can troubleshoot.

Clicking the download button on the game's webpage does not initiate a download. Trying to download it through the app adds the game to the download list, but does not actually install anything. Seems the commenter prior to me, Sam21, experienced the same issue.

Both the button on the website and the link on the page should just take you to google drive. The website link takes you to a folder in google drive that has the games zip file and instructions, and the download is just the direct zip file download in that same folder. I'll see if there's any settings I can look at. Could it be your firewall blocking the google drive download? Or maybe try a different browser.

La descarga no se inicia. :(

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Alright re4 demon version? Shadows of the Damned inspired game?Not sure. It looks promising.

And the BGM sounds like Alone In The Dark 4 Monsters Theme.

Anyway give it a try.